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MP avoidance

Please for the love of God don't go into the MP comments on the TSA issues when dealing with Trans passengers. Just don't.

My God the transphobia all in the name of feeling "safe" when traveling. I'll be honest its been at least 6 years since I've flown but really I never felt safer in the airport after all the checks went into place. It just felt like a lot of it was for show. Now I could be wrong (God knows that happens enough). Especially since my pre-9/11 flying I was a kid flying alone so we'd usually have an attendant with us from the get-go.

Basically it boils down to the people who are getting harassed by TSA are suspicious (be it trans, or some other characteristic that gets you "randomly" selected) and they shouldn't be treated with any dignity or privacy. Because then apparently the terrorists win.

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