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Mr Barber concentrate on my face not talk to my mother and customer

About five weeks ago my mother got a coupon for a barbershop for a cheap haircut. I was not interested I wanted to wait for a coupon for Cost Cutters type place. I have been going to these type places for decades and had no desire to change.

So we went anyways. It was a god awful nightmare of the first magnitude. For me that it. He spent 25 minutes, not about 6 like at places I like but 25 minutes.

He used an electric razor on the little bit of hair on my head. That took about three minutes.


My face. Now when I was a teen my mother’s mother said I look good with a Don Johnson look. My mother gave her a really bad look.

Now I despise shaving so Don Johnson from Miami Vice was my goto guy for facial fashion.d

Well he used three different type of razors. Two electric and one a single blade, he applied lotion first for the single blade.


I hatteeeeeeddddd the look after. When we got back to the car I looked at the mirror amd felt my face. Even at places like Cost Cutters I can still feel the roughness of my cheeks, chin and upper lip after I go to them.

It was like feeling rubber. It felt so awful. My hairless face looked awful, all smooth no hair anywhere. My mother claimed I looked better. I told her my grandmother (her mother) must be rolling over in the grave with the loss of my Don Johnson look. It took a week before my face felt normal to the touch.


So my mother insisted I go back. She argued he did a far, far better juob on my face then anyone else. My only response was “my Don Johnson look looks good”. She replied “its not the 80s and I look better without it plus it looks dirty”. That last part hurt.

So we went. Well she called for an appointment first. We arrived and a granddad, his son and grandson (2 years old?) were there. The grandson was on the father’s lap while getting his hair cut the grandfather was taping it on his cellphone to put on Facebook. My mother told the grandfather what a wonderful idea of course this led to a conversation of how good it is for a child to be on a parents lap for a haircut.


My turn was next. First top of my head. I like it shortened by half. All of a sudden I hear her say “you should go all the way down”. I shook my head “no”. She responded “it will be cooler in the summer”. Guess who won? Hair on my head is shorter then Captain Picards but not bald like Rick on Pawn Stars.

So he and my mother were talking politics. They both love Hillary. I said nothing because I wanted him to concentrate. Another customer walks in (about 70) now its a three way conversation. I did not mind it so much with the two electric razors. When he put on the lotion for the manual blade I thought “please concentrate”. Nope three still talked.


This time it took thirty minutes. It cost 15 dollars. He was going to charge ten but I heard her say “pay him fifteen”. So I did. At least she reimbursed me half. I told her in the car “you never overpay” she responded “this is the exception”..

Upside I have no plans to shave for a week. Downside I will miss my Don Johnson look until then.

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