There is a photographer in TO who has been looking for old dogs to photograph for a project - specifically old dogs. I saw one of his ads posted in a vet's office and took the guy's number, because I have always wanted a really good picture of the Fusspot. I have cellphone pics and so on, but my opinion of the Fusspot is sufficiently high that I actually considered getting his portrait painted (there's at least one guy in TO that does that as well, and trust me, I still have that guy's card somewhere). So it took a lot of back-and-forthing by email for us to schedule a session, but we finally got together and it happened yesterday morning.

I do not have a good relationship with the camera. I am not what you'd call photogenic despite being passably attractive in real life. My features are too small or something. And despite having worked at a photography magazine (back in the days when cameras used film and other antique bits of technology) I have never ever been able to look through the viewfinder of a camera and see what it is I want to see. I can see the thing the camera is aimed at, but I don't understand how to make it look good (my poor vision might be a factor in this, I dunno). So I was really interested to see how the photographer had set up his studio and how he worked. Dude said he's hoping to publish the photos as a book and also have an exhibition. I nearly asked if the dogs could be brought to the exhibition and then decided that it was a stupid question.

And the pictures were MARVELOUS. Mr Fusspot, himself, is a pro. The camera loves him and he was an absolute angel about sitting on his mark, looking to one side, looking to the other side, lowering his head, looking up, &c. Now admittedly a lot of this was accomplished by me crouching next to the photographer and waving a liver bit in the air to keep the Fusspot's attention focused, but given that he is half-blind and quite deaf, communication can be difficult at times, but he handled the whole thing LIKE A BOSS. Plus we went all the way there by bus and streetcar and all the way home again and he was perfectly behaved (I've been taking him on public transit since he was a pup, so he is quite comfortable). It tired him out though - he slept for the rest of the day and right through the dinner hour, but that was a lot of adventure for an old dog!

So I am hoping I'll have a couple of watermarked photos I can share with GT at some point, because I swear there is no handsomer pug in the GTA than Mr Fusspot. I may be biased, but I still swear it is true. I'm so proud of him!

Incidentally, this is what I look like in pictures: