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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mr. I just landed his first independently sourced client

So as you may recall, Mr. I decided to start his own business late last year. Up until yesterday, his only clients were coming via his old company, who fired I'm only to discover that they needed him.

So yesterday he had a meeting with a company unrelated to his old company. Not only did they decide to give him the contract, they said that they know of at least a half dozen companies that need then same sort of work done, and they will refer him to these other companies.


So he's very happy.

And the icing on the cake? The VP who forced him out of his old company emailed him this week, cap in hand, asking for his help. Years ago, Mr. I created an interface for a client. They are now having trouble with it, and no one at his old company has a clue what to do with it. Before when his old company asked for his help, it was other employees who contacted Rich. Apparently for a while there, the idiot VP didn't even know Mr. I was doing consulting for him.

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