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Mr. I's Birthday and the Annoying Inlaws

We had a birthday party for Mr. Ivriniel on Friday. Since we live an hour away from most of his family, and his childhood friends, we rented a picnic pavilion and BBQ in a park.

We set up a Facebook Event, and said we would bring burgers and sausages and fixings, and asked other people to contribute other food items. We also asked people to list what they were bringing on the Event's wall, so we could coordinate things.

Anyways, Mr. I's Childhood Friend and his Wife said on the first day the event was up that they would bring cupcakes. Most people chimed in, except for the Annoying Inlaws, and my FiL.


Friday morning, I went shopping for food, and posted to the Facebook event: "Last call for people to say if they are bringing anything, so I know if I need to get anything extra."

ABiL posted saying they would bring a fruit tray.

Anyways, just before we are about to leave to set up the party, I see on Facebook that ABiL has posted again: "Correction. We are bringing chocolate cake."

There are only about 15 people coming. We don't need a batch of cupcakes and a cake. Oh well.

I tell Mr. Ivriniel, they are now bringing cake, and he rolls his eyes and says "Bet they found a cheap cake."


They arrive at the party with their chocolate cake, and set it on the table. Moments after that, ASiL rushes back over to peel off the price tag. What she doesn't remove though, is the giant fluorescent pink sticker that says "Reduced for quick sale: 50% off".

While eating burgers, I happen to be sitting next to the cake and get a good look at it. It's clearly one that came from the bakery department at the grocery store where ASiL works. It is also clearly designed to have "Happy Birthday SoandSo" written on it in icing, only I guess they don't do that if you buy it from the reduced area.


I also can't help but notice that the coloured icing is oozing dye down the cake. And I don't mean the icing is melting and running down the cake. Watery dye is separating from the icing and dripping down the side of the cake. I don't much like cake to begin with (neither does Mr. I. We didn't have cake at our wedding for this reason.) and this is making it less appealing.

Oh, I should also mention that one of our nieces is allergic to chocolate, so we don't usually bring chocolate cake to things. Well, no one but the Annoying Inlaws does anyways. This isn't the first time. ASiL once told me that the niece in question isn't *really* allergic to chocolate, she just doesn't like it. When I asked my other sister in law, the mother of the girl in question, for clarification after ASiL told me this, OSiL told me that she has no clue where ASiL got that. The allergic niece has technically never been tested for an allergy, but whenever she has eaten chocolate she has gotten violently ill. So I suppose ASiL is technically correct, because generally speaking people don't like things that make them violently ill.


Anyways, almost no one eats the cake, and before they leave, ASiL cuts the remaining cake into two pieces and leaves the big chunk for us. After they leave, everyone looks at it and goes "We don't want that." People are either dieting, don't like cake, or are allergic to chocolate. In the end, my OSiL takes it with her, planning to leave it in the break room at work. She ends up with the extra cupcakes as well.

Usually since this is a birthday, I would have a story about the Annoying Inlaws present, but they apparently misplaced the gift before they left for the party, so they will give it to him another time. I'm sure I will have a story to share then, as their gifts tend to have a WTF quality.


Oh, and my FiL's contribution to the party? 5 Dos Equis beers that have been leftover in his fridge since his Alamo Day party in Feb (Don't ask me why a Polish Canadian is celebrating Alamo Day. Something, something, Freedom, I guess.). This after I posted to the Facebook event page that the park does not allow alcohol on site. On the upside, Childhood Friend's wife had never had Dos Equis before and liked it so much she took a picture of the bottle for later.

Otherwise, the party was nice. Unfortunately it was a bit too cool to go swimming and too windy for people to go canoeing on the lake in the park, which is why we had picked this site for the party, but it was a nice time chatting when I wasn't on toddler chasing duty.

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