So Mr. I hasn't had a great time at work lately. He's had couple of projects blow up on him, but he's also the guy who gets handled all the toughest projects because he's the most senior consultant. For example, he got stuck with a project where he had set up the original system like 10 years ago, but then the client went to another firm who buggered things all up, didn't document their changes, and then went out of business.

Anyways, the VP has decided that Mr.I has "let the team down". So tomorrow, there apparently going to be a conference call, where Mr. I is to apologize, individually to each of his colleagues and explain how he failed each of them.


Makes me feel like bursting into a chorus of "Solidarity Forever", because for all the flaws my union has, this kind of crap would not go down at my job.

This is on the heels of yesterday, when idiot VP told Mr. I he has until the 24th to get his level 1 certification in the new software, or they would be talking about his future with the company. The last time Mr I and the VP talked about him getting his certification, the VP was warning him that he only gets 5 training days a year. Mr. I needs 16 days to finish the course. When Mr. phased about the training day issue yesterday, VP said "I will make an exception to the 5 training day limit in this case, but DO NOT contradict me in my office again."

Frankly, I think this guy is mentally ill. Less than a month ago he took Mr. I. out for lunch and asked his advice because company morale is low. And then he pulls this crap? How is company morale going to be improved by an uncomfortable phone call, where coworkers have to listen while someone is forced to humiliate themself?

Personally, I wonder after their lunch, VP decided that he had made himself appear weak by asking for advice and now has to make sure Mr. I knows who is boss?


Dont know. I wish Mr. I would find a new job. But he wants to be trained on the new version of the software before he goes. I also wish he would talk to a powerful ally he has, but he hates to ask anyone for anything, so he doesn't.


ETA: Mr. I just told me that after he got told there are only 5 training days per year, the VP held up another coworker as an example of someone who is getting his certifications. This guy has taken 15 training days so far this year. What the bloody hell?