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Mr. Ivriniel's Birthday and the Annoying Brother-in-Law

So Mr. Ivriniel's birthday is coming up this month. Mr. I. Is not big on birthdays, and Is not great at planning and organizing so usually doesn't do anything for it. (This year we've talked about maybe getting him a new office chair for his birthday because his current one was a hand me down from an old roommate, and it's tippy. Woohooo! Such excitement.)

Last year, his fortieth, was an exception, but mostly because I did all the planning and legwork after he expressed an interest in doing something special for it.

Anyways, yesterday, ABiL texted Mr. I to see if he had any plans for his birthday this year. But because it was an ABiL text, he had to find a way to make Mr. Ivriniel's birthday all about ABiL.


The text:

"So, are you doing anything for your birthday, of are you going to ignore your family like you always do?"

Ivriniel's translation: "So am I getting a free meal out of your birthday this year, or are you going to make me fend for myself that day?"

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