So Mr. Ivriniel got a phone call today from a former colleague, with a project they want him to contract him on. Apparently this is the third project they have asked him to work on in the last month and a half.

Apparently at the last Consultant's meeting, the idiot VP who orchestrated Mr. I's firing put up a power point slide with a list of projects that needs doing that no one was working on, and while pacing back and forth at the front of the room demanded to know who could do each item.

When no one said anything, he started asking people by name, and each time the response he got was "No, that was something Mr. Ivriniel did." Then the VP went on a rant demanding to know why there was no backup to Mr. Ivriniel on those clients. Silence in the room.

I can answer that question though. For years, Mr. Ivriniel had been asking for help on the clients he handled. But he was repeatedly told that there was no point wasting time training new hires on outdated technology, even after the two other guys who knew how to work with the software that Mr. I works with had quit. This situation was utterly foreseeable, and Mr. I tried to warn them that if anything ever happened to him they were screwed.

So now they can pay for his time at the outside consultant rate. While he also collects severance, and looks for a new job.