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Mr. Ivriniel's Health Update

Mr Ivriniel had a follow up with his Doctor today, and things are looking a lot better. Most of his bloodwork is back in the normal range and with one exception everything else was headed in the right direction. The one result that is a bit concerning is that his hemoglobin count is a bit low, which puzzled the Doctor, and he has asked for more bloodwork.

Coincidentally, ABiL had lunch with Mr. Ivriniel yesterday, and told him that he looked jaundiced and told him to ask his Doctor a couple of questions about his liver and kidney function. Mr. I relayed his questions to the Doctor, who paused and then asked why he was asking these questions. Mr. Ivriniel replied that his brother is a medical professional and told him to ask. The Doctor looked down at Mr. I's results, and then compared them with with his previous results.

He then asked what ABiL does. Mr. I replied he was a nurse. The Doctor then commented "Well, I hope he doesn't have a role in diagnosing people, or a supervisory role."


Oh, snap!

So anyways, after his Doctor's appointment, ABiL texted him to find out how it went. Mr. Ivriniel told him that his Doctor says that his liver and kidneys are functioning fine. ABiL then questioned the Doctor's results, insisting that Mr. Ivriniel is jaundiced.

Mr. I is not jaundiced, he is just pale. ABiL also insists that scars that Mr. Ivriniel has had in his legs since he set himself on fire as a teenager are sores from leg swelling. I agree with our Family Doctor's assessment of ABiL's diagnostic abilities.

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