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Mr. Ivriniel's Job Search: Good News and Bad News

Mr. Ivriniel had his telephone interview with a certain government agency yesterday. It went really well. They offered him a job. contingent on him passing his security clearance:

In Ottawa. He told them that he would have to talk to me about it.

We live in the Greater Toronto area. I teach in Toronto. The market for teachers right now is saturated with new grads who would be paid 1/2 what I get on the salary grid. I would lose all my seniority if I left my board. We love our house. Moving to Ottawa is a non-starter unless the job was paying enough to make up for me starting over. Sadly, it does not.


We were talking to someone last night though who happened to have worked for the Federal government in IT for 20 years. He suggested that we go back to them and ask if it is possible that Mr. I work out of their Toronto office, with regular trips to Ottawa. Otherwise, he'll have to turn the job down outright.

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