Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...well, not quite yet, but he is playing at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on Friday and I've got vouchers to get 5$ off the show!

Mr. Song plays bass in a live band for a very talented rapper named Esko, and they've got a show at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on Friday, May 2. I know some of you from the meet-up wanted me to follow-up, so here's the info.


They're playing a SURGE Event, and will be on the stage in the Parish room around 11 PM. The tickets are 15$ at the door but with this sweet voucher, you only pay 10$ cover. Artists will start playing around 7:30PM and doors are at 7PM. If you're interested, comment here and/or send me an e-mail at singsyoursong AT gmail DOT com and we'll work out how to get the voucher to you - either you can meet Mr. Song outside the event, or he's willing to hand deliver tickets this week.

Check 'em out below. Note that as is often the case, some of the lyrics contain adult subject matter and may be controversial (one of the choruses includes "We gone take your shit/we can rape your bitch/you don't look like us/so you don't make no sense") so if that kinda thing offends you, please don't watch/listen.

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