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Mr. Toad is killin' it today y'all! Brilliant Football/Masculinity article ahead:

He posted this article from Grantland about Miami Dolphin's player Jonathan Martin who took time off from the team for mental health reasons, and the dangerous performance of masculinity that's expected of football players. It's pretty great and you should all read it.

Also, he forwarded me this email from his boss (he's a TA). I won't reproduce it here in it's entirety but I will say that the instructor was asking his TAs to enter demographic information FOR THEIR STUDENTS. They were asked to enter whether each student was male or female and their ethnicity. If they weren't sure, they were told to guess. It was all okay, of course, because this was just being used for demographic information.

This would have always bothered him but usually he'd tell me about it and I'd explain to him why it was so not okay. But today he sent me the email with an entire diatribe about how not okay this was and I am so proud of him.

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