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I woke up this morning to crazy yowling and screeching. Mr. T saw a stray cat on the patio and had a very adverse reaction. Then I came in and he transferred all that aggression to me, hissing, spitting, crapping all over. I managed to get him into my bathroom, but not before he turned my right hand into raw meat (thru leather gloves).

I called the vet where they told me about transferring aggression, and he’s just got to calm down. But he also said aggressive pets tend to kind of always be that way. Those of you who remember the beginning of our journey may recall it was rough when I first brought him home. There was a lot of biting, but nothing like this.

I talked to someone at the shelter. They of course are not in favor of euthanasia (not like I am either). Their advice didn’t really help someone currently living with a wild animal.


I also had to go to urgent care for my hand. Tetanus booster, xrays (the bites were deep, they were worried he got the bone), and antibiotics. Called the vet again since not much with Mr. Toomey had changed. He’d actually allowed me to give him a rinse and dry him off. He was purring and I was kissing his head while he was toweled up, but then while roaming around the condo, the screeching and swatting started again. He went right into his carrier, so I used that time to set him up in the 2nd bathroom (bigger, accommodates a litter box, does not have my toothbrush). The vet called him in a Prozac rx, which I am hoping is taking effect now since I don’t hear him trying to jimmy the door open.

Basically the vet says if the rx doesn’t seem to help in 24 hrs, we may have to put him down :(

Update: This morning when I tried to check his food and water, after an entire night in the dark and no contact from me, he was still massively aggressive. Hiding in his carrier, but still spitting and screeching. I was able to change his water and food bc he didn’t come out, but he hasn’t calmed down at all.

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