Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Mr. Toomey has been doing so much better in his behavior that I canceled the behaviorist appointment I had last month. The biting is basically how he plays, and whether I get hurt is entirely up to me at this point. The only behavior of questionable origin/intent is his furniture licking. And the frequency is way down from when I first got him. But sometimes when he’s doing it, just telling him NO doesn’t make him stop. He gets in a trance or something and I have to physically interfere, either by sticking my hand between him and the thing or picking him up and moving him.

This morning around 2am I got up to pee, and I can’t pee unattended. The bathroom cabinet is one of his favorites to lick and my reflexes were slowed. I saw him put his face to the door, think about it, then flinch, even though I didn’t even move. Then he ran away because I started laughing.

He’s actually really smart, he just does dumb things :)

Also, yesterday was six months since I lost my Gus cat.


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