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Ho' boy. I just woke up and it is way too early to wade into this BS.

So my friend (a wonderful man) posted this on facebook: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/pubs/mmaw-faap…

Illustration for article titled MRA on my friends facebook- why did I comment?

What follows is more of a breakdown of the stats, and why people with a conscience should be fucking aware of the current state of safety for aboriginal women.

Of cours this is the first comment: (Also I can't do screen grabs)

Guy: "Interesting. Aboriginal women were under represented in the number of people who were missing in 2013. While they make up 4.3% of the population, they only account for 2.5% of those missing. Also, women in general make up only 22.7% of those missing in 2013, which means they're vastly underrepresented. I guess that leads me to ask: what happened to all those missing men and why doesn't anybody give a damn? Is it that men aren't worth much in the eyes of western society/culture?


And he keeps going. My friend came back with something soft, but kind of on the side of women.


But guy isn't done with his generalizations.

Guy: Men are overwhelmingly the victims of violent crime. Men also commit more violent crime than women but the victimization of men by men does not make that victimization any more morally acceptable. I'd like to see those stats you mentioned as well so let me know if you find them. My bet is that it will take some digging since nobody really cares about the victimization of men which means the stats likely aren't well publicized. I'd also like to see the equiv stats for women, if you can get them. Yes, natives seem to suffer more victimization than other groups and that's a shame. Homeless men likely suffer more, though.

So I went to statscan and discovered: No. Women are more likely to be victims of violent crime by 5%. Sure, that is not a lot. And also not something to be celebrated, but fucker take a seat.
These numbers are out there and available. He could have googled them himself. But instead he wanted to throw out a ridiculous line like our society doesn't care about men?


So I responded rather clumsily with:

Actually in Canada the rate of violence against women is slightly higher than the rate of violence against men, as of 2011. According to stats can Aboriginal women are also victims of domestic violence at 3x the rate of non-aboriginal women. About 50% of violence against women is perpetrated by intimate partners, 69% if you include acquaintances and the report rate is fairly low (interesting, higher in the aboriginal community.) And there are massive problems at the institutional level of white men in authority covering up violence against aboriginals, and specifically sexualized violence against aboriginal women. Or turning a blind eye. That is why inquiries like these are important. A break down of murders against men would be interesting but I imagine they would fit into crime statistics more broadly (i.e. fatalities during robberies, personal disputes, gang violence etc.) It's important to study women's fatalities and violence separately because the trends differ, drastically.


Am I just tired, or cranky? I feel like everyone else was kind of treating him with kiddy gloves and acquiesing. JannaBanana where you at? Does this makes sense in the scheme of Canadian crime stats?
I haven't even had my coffe yet :(

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