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Welcome To The Bitchery

Yesterday, HermionePond posted something really dumb that an MRA said — unusually dumb, even for an MRA, which takes some doing. I'm going to link the statement itself here:

"I think these women's contempt towards good men, and implicitly their manipulation of men's volitions, is one of the few things I would genuinely call misandry.


I also call it suitor abuse, in that such a woman tends to manipulate men for fun and profit by encouraging them to pursue her, then pretend she hadn't a clue they were interested in her and shoo them away. It's setting people up for failure, creating strong motivations and dismantling them for a perverse sense of power. Women who do this are monsters, plain and simple, and deserve to be treated accordingly. They know very well what they're doing, and only shout the "you're only nice to get sex" tirades to create a smokescreen while inflicting further abuse. What they don't count on is that the men's movement will eventually be able to, and indeed must eventually, ensure that either laws or community standards (or both) are enforced against them."

Now, here's the thing: normally, you'd expect the comments to consist almost entirely of "yeah, good one, bro!" But that's totally not what happened here. The commentariat mocked this guy BRUTALLY — probably because this appears to have popped up on r/worstofreddit and non-MRA's went bananas over it. I've collected some of the best responses to this and collated them here for your reading pleasure. Trigger warning for entirely ironic use of the c-word:

In response to someone's sarcastic idea of "reparations": "This monetary compensation will become known as "the fedora stipend," and will also pay for the numerous DVDs of My Little Pony needed to soothe the psyche that has been wounded by this terrible oppression."

"Right, damn bitches won't have sex with me after I treated them like people and friends and shit."

In response to the above comment: "I'm SO NICE to those cunts!!"

On enforcement: "Ooh ooh I know how! At birth, every feeemale will have a chip implanted in them. Then guys will receive a special wristwatch with a chip inside that too. The female's chip will become activated at the very acceptable age of 12. I mean, we're not pedos or anything. They do it like that in Spain... or someplace I think. When a guy's chip is within twenty yards of a female's chip for an hour, and doesn't detect sexy time (AKA, "dues owed") as having occurred, the female's chip will immediately go off and alert the local police, FBI, National Guard, and the President himself (of course not "herself," duh).


Yeah. That's how we'll do it."

"tldr: "slurping and drooling and hurr"

"lol u want the government to legislate you out of the friendzone and into the glorious nation of poon"

And my personal favorite: "This is the reason we can't have nice things."

Someone's neckbeard will surely be soggy with Cheeto-encrusted tears tonight.

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