Do you remember the Gawker hitpiece on KillerMartinis and the fiasco over that? Well, the underinformed dudebro is back and this time, all he had to do to be better informed was to read the previous article on the topic on Gawker, written by... oh my. Himself. Well, that's awkward. GAWKWARD! Because of the omission, people in the comments are considering the MRAs the reasonable people here and calling for the heads of people who want statistics and people who want to help rape victims.

For those not caught up with this saga, Occidental University set up an online form to allow anonymous rape reports. The form was intended to gather statistics to see if the school needs to change things in its reporting system and presumably, help come up with prevention and reporting solutions based on the anonymous details. The university is in trouble for misreporting rape statistics and this form would allow them to gather more accurate statistics.


The MRAs got outraged because anonymous false rape accusations can totally ruin a guy's life because... apparently, you can go to jail for being anonymously accused of rape or something, so they went on a Trollpage™ and spammed the form with accusations that they got raped by fatties. Sadly, not making that last part up.

So what does the Gawker coverage do? Omit the purpose of the form. Fail to address the concerns of the MRAs in the second piece, leading readers to believe that men anonymously accused will be subjected to investigations and criminal charges based on an anonymous report. Then they go all "how do you do an investigation based on an anonymous report?" Well, asshole, you just pointed out why your assumption is ridiculously WRONG.


There are guys over in the Gawker comments blaming the school for setting up the form and for investigating people based on anonymous reports that "could be bullying—" apparently unlike using the form to bully the people trying to do the data gathering— and besides, OMG how dare that female sociology professor who has the spammed data and access to the Reddit thread in question femsplain the group behavior patterns of those men! Doesn't she know that they are men and as such, her literal expert qualifications are meaningless?

OMG you guise! Anonymous false rape accusations that only a few people see for statistical purposes can ruin a man's life because "rape is one of those crimes where the accused is guilty until proven innocent!" (Actual quote.)


Cannot even. All he had to do to accurately report and preempt the misogyny in the comments was use information that he already knew and had reported. But if he did that, who would think of the men? And who will think of the pagehits?

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ETA2: Seriously, in case it's not clear, go to the Jezebel version, where Lindy is awesome as usual and sets the facts out.