Has anyone read this (satirical! Key word is satirical!) article by Ellie Kemper about how men aren't funny? The Gothamist has been so kind as to highlight a few MRA-esque commenters who just aren't getting it.

"Made an account just to say this: Really poor concept for an article. So you're telling me that a woman doesn't usually find men funny? You mean like how the entire history of popular comedy has been completely dominated by male performers because the majority of the audience was men and men don't usually find women funny? How it is a sudden revelation that men and women find different things funny, and that the people who talk about the things they do find funny are really likely to be their own gender? And then, what, you decide to turn it into a dating advice article half-way through, then a switch to commenting on classical poetry? What?

In particular I have to take MAJOR offense to this particular statement: 'the truth is, there is no evolutionary cause for you to have to be funny.' Are you kidding me, really? Have you never, ever met a male who wasn't really attractive, or have you just never paid attention to them? Because let me let YOU in on a little secret, those of us men who can't get ladies through looks alone (and that would be most of us) have had a serious evolutionary cause to develop other skills. It may not always be comedy, some men go for athletic or artistic ability or the tried and true giant bank account, but many of us spend a long time developing and honing our comedic skills as part of our attempt to attract a mate, and those that are smart about it develop comedy that women appreciate.

And seriously, 'men, God bless them, just aren't funny'? So: George Carlin, Richard Pryor, John Cleese, Lenny Bruce, just to name a few out of hundreds. Aren't funny? Huh, guess all of us fans must just be wrong then."

Oh, and Jez gets a shoutout! Yay us!

I know it's a troll article.

But it isn't funny, nor does it have a point. Like Jezebel feminist rant isn't funny, and is pointless.