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Mrs Finch haz an infinite sad

The Fusspot is not well. He was having trouble last night co-ordinating his back end. While I was making his dinner he was standing in front of the kitchen with an expression of concentration: it was like he wanted to lie down, and was sending the message to his hind end to put itself down, but the hind end was not receiving. (I will say, however, that he roared through his dinner and post-dinner snacks.) I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that he has stopped lifting his leg and now pees in a graceful sort of lunge position with both back feet on the ground. But last night he was kind of limp and tired and when I took him out for last walk there was one moment when his back end went in one direction and his front end went in another. At another point his back legs crossed and he kind of fell over. I cut the walk short and brought him inside, gave him a dose of tramadol, and put him to bed early along with myself, because I was exhausted.

Or thought I was. My body had crashed but I couldn’t turn my brain off. And Fusspot was restless and breathing heavily all night. He couldn’t get comfortable and he didn’t stop panting. At four I gave him the last of the tramadol I had in the house, and I think he got a little sleep after that, but I was up at six because there wasn’t really any point in lying there any longer doing nothing. (He did eat his breakfast with the usual enthusiasm, and went for a walk and did all he was expected to do, though we walked very slowly indeed.) I’ve been waiting for his arthritis meds and tramadol to arrive at the vet (they were on back order) and called the vet first thing to ask if I could come around and get some metacam, at least, if the other stuff hadn’t come in yet, because he’s obviously in pain and needs relief. Only, as much as I love my vet and appreciate how much they have done for me, I don’t know if they fully grasped how desperate I am to make sure he has a good night without pain.


This sort of anxiety tends to bring on a fibro surge as well, and now I’m waiting to see if I can get to see my doctor to get my pain rxs, renewed as I am almost out. And, to keep from weeping senselessly at work, I’ve already taken 2 klonopin, so now I am an inexpressive zombie.

tl; dr Fusspot not well; Finch worse.

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