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mrsfinch's musings from an old fart: What changes surprised you as you got older? What changes did you make?

Not just for the menopausal!

I’ve been thinking lately, since I am in the interesting position of getting braces again at the age of 53 (thank all the gods, orthodontia has improved over the last 40 years and I will be spared a mouthful of metal and elastic bands like last time) that the last year or so has been full of changes, not all of them good, but that it’s probably good for me to have practice in rolling with the punches.

Some of these changes were unexpected, like the braces. Others I had been warned about, like chin hairs (THE. WORST.) Right now I am fussing because, despite all the helpful literature available on the subject of menopause, nothing I remember reading mentioned that your lips get thinner. NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THE LIPS. I’ve been standing in front of the mirror wondering what the heck was wrong this time for the longest time, until it finally hit me: I have less lip. Not that I was blessed with a generous set of lips like Angelina Jolie’s, but I had a perfectly adequate set of lips and I can’t afford to lose lip ground. It’s bad enough that I have to draw in my eyebrows every morning; now I’m going to have to figure out how to fill out my lip line without looking like a crazy old woman.


Then there are changes I made, some of them being things I never thought I would do, like ceasing to wear black. I threw out my Spanx and my underwire bras. I stopped dyeing my hair. (My look is full-on Boho Senior now and my new style icon is Iris Apfel.) I don’t care how many times Stacey complained about people wanting to be comfortable on What Not To Wear (“You can be comfortable later!”): if I’m going to be on my feet 14+ hrs a day, imma be comfortable now.

I want more interesting food now, the spicier the better. My taste buds get bored easily, which wasn’t the case for so many years. Unfortunately I can’t put away the beer and wine like I used to (but maybe that’s for the better). That’s a change I could do without, but it’s probably healthier for me in the long run.

What’s changed for you? What changes have you made lately? Big ones, little ones, they all count. Hit me.

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