Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

mrsfinch has a bad Etsy habit. I mean, a baaaaad Etsy habit. It’s so cheap! And easy! I don’t even need to leave my seat! “But mrsfinch,” I hear you say, “how can you have a bad Etsy habit when we already know that Casa Finch is crammed to the rafters with stuff?” Well, my doves, this is because mrsfinch has a terminally acquisitive personality. Minimalism will never do for mrsfinch. Even during a year when I was broke I obsessively collected snail shells, because I had a large apothecary jar and I felt it would be interesting to fill it with snail shells, in all their different patterns and colours (this took ages, incidentally).

Currently mrsfinch is working on a sort of natural-wonder aesthetic, a Wunderkammer-effect with her snail shells and her birds’ nests and wasps’ nests (yes, she collects those too, and puts them under glass domes like a good Victorian would), but I will give a few examples of things I have been guilty of collecting in the past:

-Charmingly mismatched china plates and saucers

-Small occasional tables (this one, for obvious reasons, was unsustainable)

-Blue and white china in all its many forms

-Antique Canadiana souvenirs, the cheesier the better

-Puggiana and Bulldoggiana (these collections remain and have been augmented by Boxeriana)


-Fabric, even though I don’t know how to sew and could never make it into anything

But enough about me and my obsessions. What do you collect? is there something you once collected and then cast off? Is there some object of note that you do not understand why people collect it? (No collecting-shaming here, though mrsfinch admits to a distaste for art glass.) Let me know in the comments, because I got an unexpected email from my manager today and the resulting tension means that I am likely to hit the button on a couple of items that have been languishing on my Etsy favourites list for some time.


p.s. I meant to post a Musings for last week, but then I tripped over my own feet and concussed myself, so was out of commission for a few days.

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