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mrsfinch's musings from an old fart: What's your morning routine?

What’s your morning routine? I ask because mine was disturbed this morning. The guys were coming to look at the plumbing under the sink and in the bathroom, so on top of all my usual morning stuff I had to pull out everything under the kitchen sink and also vanquish the pee pads and anything else that might suggest the presence of a not-always-continent dog, because that would only have triggered a lecture from the Co-op Chair, who thinks he is God, and I do not have time for that.

Under normal circs my morning unfolds as follows:

-1st alarm goes off. This alarm exists solely for the pleasure of slapping it down and going back to sleep for another half hour. Some people consider this extremely perverse, but I assure you that the satisfaction is real. Also it reminds me to take my first pill of the day.


-2nd alarm goes off. Slapped down, ditto.

-3rd alarm goes off and is slapped down every five minutes until I can no longer avoid it. Then I get up and shower. Or not. It depends.


-I make tea and Boswell and I cuddle in the TV room while having biscuits and watching the local news.

-After that I trade in my pajama pants for yoga pants, throw on a jacket and drag Boswell out for walkies.


-This is followed by mrsfinch’s toilette, which is not very detailed: sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara (this is tricky as my eyelashes are always squished together due to my habit of sleeping with my face mashed into the pillow). The most time-consuming part of the morning is when mrsfinch draws on and fills in her eyebrows with the skill of a surgeon.

-Breakfast for Boswell, and for me, if there is any human breakfast food in the house. If not I resolve to pick up breakfast on the way to work and just take my vitamins. I also write a note for the dog walker reporting on Boswell’s state of health and mind. This is called the dog log and I have several notebooks full already.


-Getting dressed is the second most time-consuming part of the morning.

-This is followed by the installation of five earrings and the addition of other accessories as required.


-Contents of mrsfinch’s bags (purse and knapsack) are checked for the following essentials: meds, water bottle, reading material, daybook. Other items are added and subtracted as the day dictates.

-and thus mrsfinch (who works 10-6) is out the door by 9.

How do you do it?

ETA: Kinja is fucking with us today so if I don`t reply to your post, it`s not for lack of trying ....

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