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Ms Fix-its! Tool advice, please

So my bike got a flat tire and while I know damn well how to fix it, for some reason I just absolutely cannot get the bolts loosened from the tire to pull it off and fix it. I have tried wd-40, etc but nothing seems to make them budge. I really don’t want to strip the nut so Ive stopped for the moment but I am getting SO tired of walking to work.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to either a) get stronger immediately or b) is there some sort of better tool I can buy? like... a hydraulic wrench, or would just a longer one give me more leverage? Or would a ratcheting wrench have more torque? Bonus points for cheap. I am a fairly handy and strong for my size person but I feel like these days I am constantly stymied by machine tightened bolts.

(and this then brings up really triggering things about ED and how strong I used to be when I was bigger and weird body stuff AND COULD SOMEONE PLEASE JUST RECOMMEND ME A WRENCH)


P.S. Yes I could take it to a bike shop. But I live in a place where flats will happen often and if its a choice between spending 25 dollars to take it to a shop and have them fix it once and 25 dollars to buy a tool that will let me do this and other projects as I need to, its a no brainer. Plus I like tool shopping and I hate paying someone for something I know how to do myself and looking like some stupid dumb girl. Also this is a cheap ass, like 125 dollar bike so I really don’t feel like putting 20% of it back in to it.

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