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MSNBC Andrew Lack Furious At Ratings Hits Hellbent on Right and White Network

Well MSNBC is doing record ratings at night and Andrew Lack who runs MSNBC is furious. He is the one who came aboard and fired almost all nonwhite hosts Alex Wagner, Toure, took Joy Reids daytime show, forced Melissa Perry out by treating her like garbage, same with Tamron Hall. Also forced Reverand Al to go from.6pm nightly to early morning weekend talk show.

Now he is replacing Steve Kornacki at 4pm. Remember Alex Wagner had this time slot. With a Bush republican Nicole Wallace. Plus wants Hough Hewitt for a weekend show.I guess we can be grateful Hugh is not replacing Hayes or 0'Donnell.


Years ago he forced Bryant Gumbel out of the Today Show for white Matt Laeur who is.nowhere near as good.

It seems Lack wants to be Ailes 2.0.

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