The new starting soon MSNBC schedule. Soooooo bad.

6 to 10am. Yes ten am. Morning Joe. Will watcb Carol Costello on CNN who I often watch anyways

10 to Noon Tamron Hall ok. I like her but where the heck is Jose Balart? Put him 10 to 11. Will watch her between Costello from ten to eleven.

Noon Andrea Mitchell a bright spot in daytime. Unless she is out and the punk Luke Russert fills in.

1 to 3 Thomas Roberts I like him but a light weight compared to Blitzer at 1 and Brooke Baldwin at two. Will watch when they have uninteresting segments on CNN.


3 to 5 Kate Snow convince me why she is better then the Cycle and Alex Wagner? Will stay with Baldwin and Jake Tapper.

5 to 6 The goateed bore from Meet The Press and I do not mean boring. Will absolutley stay with Wolf Blitzer.


Now just rumors Brian Williams at six. Willie Geist at 8pm. Sorry I cannot take Geist seriously.

I would have Balart from 10 to noon and Hall three to five. Alex Witt from one to three and give Roberts her weekend slot she is soooo much better.