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I am happy that MSNBC has chosen to pick a veteran interviewer to replace Chris Jansing, who I will so miss. Her replacement is Jose Dias Balart article who has decades of experience. I am sick of hiring folks fresh out of college who are terrible like Ronan Farrow (I like him as a person but he should have been a sub for a year or 2) and Luke "I got my job because of my late daddy" Russert who is oh so smug and oozes entitlement. I can't watch the Cycle when Russert is on, I want to slap him everytime he interrupts a cohost like Crystal Ball which he does too often. MSNBC should have put Karen Finney in her slot (I loved her weekend show), Jonathon Capehart who did a great job subbing for MPH or Richard Lui who has done a fine job filling in for Jansing. I am sure Balart will be great and I will watch but its a shame they didn't hire inhouse and Finney so needs a new slot. Still mad they dumped her show.


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