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MSNBC Stephanie Ruhle Made An Interesting Point About Trump and Ivanka

This morning a guest said Trump attacks everyone but Putin. Stephanie added in “also Ivanka”. Could Ivanka have something on him either something he did to her or a secret she knows and threatened to reveal?

There are photos we all saw of the two of them when she was young that seemed off. He said things like he would date her if they weren’t father daughter.


Anyone ever wonder if he may have abused her sexually? Obviously I can not prove it but its always been in the back of my mind and with what Ruhle said it sort of makes me wonder if he had abused her at some point and that’s why she is the one person he never disparaged.

This is the one line I hope Trump never, ever crossed but those photos and his statements along with what Ruhle said makes me wonder. If it was a financial secret he would have paid her off.


Maybe its just as simple as he sees her as in a weird way as himself and she really is the one person he truly loves. I truly hope so.

Any theories why he never says anything bad about her. She and Putin are the only two. We all know Putin has something on Trump. Does Ivanka have something?

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