My mother and I watched President Obama's speech on this network. They did instant polling on Agree/Disagree. It seems that independents disagreed with the speech then democrats and repblicans. My mother thought they were tea baggers then we realized no just independents. Also the gap of agree/disagree was not that large betwenn democrats and republicans. Either this means republicans watching MSNBC are democrats posing as republicans or the republicans are the tradition NewEngland republicans like former Gov Weld and former Senator Gregg.

Also did anyone say a "say what" when Senator Ernst said her mother put plastic bags on her feet to go to school? My mother said how dangerous that was. This obviously can easily be disproven. Also the instant polls of MSNBC showed her with very low number by democrats, republicans and independents. I think the plastic bag story may be the big takeaway from her speech. She is sunk if proven false.