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MSNBC's This Happened About Gary Hart Is A Must, Must Watch

I supported and liked Gary Hart beforehis fall. Granted I barely paid attention to politics in the 80s but he seemed so knowledgable and seemed like a President.

He could not keep his zipper up and he fell a long way.

This documentary shows his rise as McGovern’s campaign manager to Senate to his run in 1984 to his announcement to run for President in 1988. There is still no doubt in my mind and watching this show confirmed it if he stayed zippered no doubt he would have won. If he won that would have been the end of the Bush family in politics. He would most likely won reelection and Dukakis would have gone from VP to President in 1996. I suspect Dukakis would have been the running mate in 1988 it would have sealed the Northeast.


What was so interesting was the Miami reporter who helped break open the Donna Rice story. How he got a tip from Rice’s friend and the confrontation with Hart at his DC home. Then it fell apart for Hart.

Also stupid things tripped Hart up. He was asked in a news conference if adultery was immoral he said yes then a second later refused to answer if he commited adultry. Stupid response.

Then the possibility of another woman. Hart asked his campaign manager if it will stop and the reply was only you know. That was the end of his run.

At the end of the show they compared it to Trump. The answer was Trump never quit. I believe strongly Hart was doomed. He doomed himself when he asked the press to follow him. It was hubris. Folks hate hubris.


The show also explores how media was changed by this how the press ignored this pretty much before now it was not.

I strongly suggest this show. Its on OnDemand if you have Comcast. MSNBC will reair tomorrow at 9pm.


Its for political junkies but also folks interested in a fall of a politican over sex. Also how no matter how talented, smart your sexual impulse can destroy you and others. Or interested in 80s history.

He had the presidency wrapped up like few others and he threw it away. George H only won because Dukakis who I totally admire was such a woefully bad candidate.


Anyone here have seen it thoughts?

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