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(I said no).

Back in August, a casting director from MTV reached out to me and asked if I would blog about their search for virgins to be on a reality show.

Last week, a producer of the show emailed me and asked if we could talk. I gave her my number, and she called me today.


She told me she'd like me to apply to be on the show, and then she asked me a little about my life. I mentioned that Beau and I are getting married next month, and she asked if MTV could film the wedding.

Seriously. MTV wants to film my wedding.

Of course I laughed and said no. We're only having parents and siblings at our wedding. Can you IMAGINE how upset my extended family would be if I invited MTV to my wedding, but not them?!

I also had to explain that I don't remember what was in the agreement I signed with the director of How to Lose Your Virginity. It puts restrictions on what virginity-related stuff I can do on TV, but I don't know what. I emailed the director and asked for a copy of the agreement I signed, but she hasn't replied yet. If I'm allowed, let's just say I'm not opposed to building my audience. :)


Anyway, 2014 has been very exciting so far this year. First my stint on TV with Fusion. Then I had an interview with the Christian Post for a series on virginity. And now MTV has offered to film my wedding.

So. We'll see what happens next!

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