Holy crap, Jezzies. It's that period of the summer when I basically can't handle eating hot food, so I'm trying out lots of hearty salad recipes, and I just found an amazing one: Wheat Berry Salad With Strawberries and Goat Cheese

I doubled the grated orange rind and swapped the mint for cilantro (I've never liked mint in a savory context, and cilantro generally pairs well with the same things), and again I say holy crap. SO GODDAMNED DELICIOUS. The toasted walnuts and the cilantro compliment each other perfectly, and the crumbled goat cheese kind of melted into the dressing, so there's a bit of flavor from that as well. And it is super filling! And super easy to make, especially if you are a lazy ass like me and buy your walnuts pre-chopped. Many thumbs up!

Edit: Oh! I forgot I also added about a cup of chopped tofu marinated in orange juice and cilantro. Extra protein, extra yumminess.