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It’s July! It’s summer break! I have 6 weeks of break to complete 125 hours of school planning.

All you k12 teachers know that the only way to make the big bucks (/sarcasm) is to get those post-baccalaureate units. Currently I’m sitting at 60, which means I am in column 3 of my school’s salary schedule. Only need 15 more to get to that hallowed ground: COLUMN 4.

So I’m doing one of those planning hours for units classes this summer. It’s 150 hours for 6 units. That’s a lot of hours. I am only at 25.


One thing I can do for hours is listen to education-related podcasts. In addition to being a teacher of youths, I also love to knit. AND I especially like to listen to podcasts while knitting. Do you see where I am going with this?

I’ve started working on my first garment, so I’d love to kill two birds and listen to some podcasts while knitting. For context, I teach 6th grade ELA and social studies. Anything related to middle school, ELA in general or ancient world history (hominids to about 1BCE, specifically India, China, Mesopotamia, Egypt or Greece). The content does not have to be middle school level, it’s more for my own enrichment as a teacher.

Feel free to leave recommendations! And here’s a pic of the top I am knitting. I am knitting it in Kinu by Ito, which is a beautiful raw silk yarn. Colorway is salvia blue. First pic is the front.


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