For anyone in New York or San Francisco, there is an interesting new food delivery service called Munchery. My roommate and I both ordered food from them tonight and are in love with how delicious they are. All the food is labelled for gluten, nuts, vegetarians, and vegans. They gave me a couple discount and referral codes when I signed-up and I thought I’d share them with you guys!*

1. The Referral Code: You’ll get $20 towards your first order! I assume there is some kickback to me too (full disclosure).

2. The Discount Code: My roommate got the code “purch0ret2” in an email, and we’ve both used it to get a free entree on our first order. (We still paid delivery.)

You’re limited to one promo code per order, so you have to choose between the discount code and the referral link. The referral link is worth more, since entrees are between $10 and $15. I’m eating salmon and soba noodles now and my tummy is so happy with me. Plus it came in under the estimated 20 minutes.

(If sharing referral codes is an unapproved activity, then this post will disappear.)