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Anyone else a big weirdo that likes twisted stories? Cause this story is plenty twisted. Last year out in Ohio, some guy kills a bunch of his relatives and kills himself. The story at the time was that long-simmering family tensions came to a boil over care of the guy's terminally ill wife. He wanted to be her primary caretaker, but felt shut out when her sisters gave her tea and toast instead of the orange he had peeled for her. Turns out the cops had been keeping the real story under wraps the whole time, and it's just now come to light.

Back in 1972, Paul Gilkey's wife Carolyn commits suicide by shotgun. Shortly thereafter, he marries her sister, Darlene. In 1974, he gets into a drunken argument with his cousin and clubs him to death with a fence post. Darlene divorces him while he's in prison, but they remarry after his release in '88. Fast forward to January 9, 2012, where she's dying of cancer and her two sisters and two sons have joined them in their home.


The original story was right about family tensions already being at the breaking point, but the precipitating event was Barbara Mohler telling Paul that her sister's death was no suicide, and that she had proof. They go back and forth for a while with him like you've got nothing, you can't prove anything, and her just not letting the subject drop. He abruptly walks out and returns with a 9mm pistol, killing Barbara, her sister Dorothy, and his adult son, Leroy. He spares his stepson "because he has children," and his bedridden wife, who witnessed the whole thing. He commits suicide in a standoff with authorities, and she dies of her illness less than a week later.

In the wake of all this, the authorities take another look at the case of Gilkey's first wife, Carolyn. None of Barbara Mohler's friends or relatives knew anything about any proof that she may have had, and said that if any did exist, she would have gone to the cops with it immediately. In the end, they didn't have much more than a terrible suspicion, and changed the ruling on her death from suicide to undetermined.

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