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I haven't noticed anyone post about this show on TNT, Murder in the First. It follows Major Crimes, and since it's summer and what the hell else is on to watch? I decided to give it a watch. The first show I was sort of "meh" about, but intrigued by the sheer number of names and "hey, it's that guy!" moments. (Seriously, this show is full of HITGs.)

It's nice to have Taye Diggs bringing some pretty brooding, but he's also not half bad at all. SPOILER ALERT HERE (if you haven't watched past the first episode and are now thinking you might) ....


I'm glad they didn't drag out the storyline with his wife. I think it would have dragged the show off track. Because otherwise, with the ongoing "solve the murder" arc, I'm getting a sort of Broadchurch-feel to it (not as good, mind you, but the same sort of vibe). Of course, you're supposed to think the Big Bad is going to be:

... because, OMG. HELLO? If you're educated in Slytherin and end up a Silicon Valley mogul, of course you have to be a murderer, right?! And if you keep lawyers on staff like the guy, who only worked in the best White House EVAH ...


... and then your pit bull attorney is this guy, who raised one of the best PIGS evah ...


... and your private pilot used to have his own airlines, yeah, yeah, it was little but they made like a whole SERIES about it ...


... maybe the Death Eater isn't the murderer after all. There's way too much stuff going on with way too many other people, and that's what every once in awhile gives me a glimmer of Broadchurch. It's like "wait, maybe it's not him. Maybe it's that guy," and that's good.


And I didn't even get started on the staffing of the police department. Other than Taye Diggs. Did I mention how pretty he is? Oh yeah, he's pretty.

So am I the only one watching this?

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