"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

Friends. That something is the sudden and totally mysterious disappearance of beloved television program 'Murder She Wrote' from possibly sinister although mostly cool website Netflix.

On Wednesday, the show, which millions, including myself, had been streaming religiously on a near-daily basis suddenly stopped working.

I was in the middle of episode 223, 'Death in Hawaii' which has beloved amateur sleuth and best-selling crime novelist Jessica Fletcher solving a case of murder and mystery in Hawaii. Tragically, I was not able to see this episode to the end and therefore am left with a lack of closure that may involve me getting extensive therapeutic sessions. But don't fret for meβ€”-fret for the countless others, who count on Murder She Wrote to brighten their dreary lives.


And the outcry was immediate and loud...and heartbreaking. Via the Netflix site:

Why has MURDER SHE WROTE been removed from instant streaming!!!! NO explanation and no reason offered. This was a show I really enjoyed watching with my mother and this is a huge pain! First Sherlock Holmes now this. Can we please get an answer about why this is gone?? Will it come back?


More devastating reactions:

Why did Netflix remove this from streaming and without a warning either? I hope the removal of this series is an error and will be back up soon. If not, I may just have to cancel my Netflix subscription.



Please bring this show back to streaming!!!! It's the only reason I keep Netflix.


Coming during the week of Angela Landsbury's birthday, this feels like a double gut punch.

Neflix. The 'Murder She Wrote' fanbase now asks for answers. Is this show gone for good? What preceded the decision to pull this show from our queues? Was it pressure from the 'Matlock' community who feel this show detracts from theirs?