I'm kind of into messed-up true crime type stories, but only up to a certain point, and this one is kind of skirting that edge for me. So, don't read any further unless you're ready to start feeling shitty about a lot of stuff. This past Saturday, a police officer in Florida was out patrolling some wealthy neighborhood when he saw two teenagers wandering around at four in the morning. He called for backup, and the backup arrived to find him dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Right then they hear a couple more gunshots and think they're under attack, but eventually they find the bodies of the two teenagers, Brandon Goode and Alex Hollinghurst, lying in the brush a short distance away.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend of several months, and the police said they committed suicide after murdering the officer. Hollinghurst's family disagreed, saying that their daughter was murdered by her "drug addict" boyfriend after he wasted a cop for no reason. I guess to resolve any questions, the Polk County Sheriff's office revealed that the two of them had written suicide notes and released them in their entirety. I was like damn, usually you could expect some kind of discretion or compassion there, but I guess the rules go out the window when they lose one of their own. They were initially like oh, he was wearing a body camera that'll show exactly what happened, but the damn things don't do any good if you don't turn them on.

Hollinghurst wrote separate letters to her mom, dad, and 12 year old sister, and the one to her mother was really raw with sarcastic anger. She accuses her of "turning a conversation about depression and suicide into something all about you," and refers to an apparently long standing conflict between them over her weight.

And thank you for accusing me of being anorexic FOR YEARS. I'm so fucking sorry for being skinny. If I were, your BITCHY comments that I'm assuming were your attempts to help, wouldn't have.


The kicker for everything was that she and her boyfriend got busted underage drinking and smoking pot a month ago, and they weren't allowed to see each other anymore. So fucking stupid. They cooked up this dumb suicide pact where they'd steal a yacht and sail to Panama and off themselves there — that's why they were creeping around the rich neighborhood. Being so wealthy, it's of course well patrolled, and the whole plan goes to shit immediately.

As far as what happened, I think Goode wielded the gun in all three deaths, but I can't judge whether he's guilty of Hollinghurst's murder as well. There's just so many possible scenarios that end with everyone still alive, and the way it went down is really the worst possible way it could have happened. Too many fucking guns too easily accessed by confused and depressed little twerps. If he just didn't have that goddamn pistol on him, mom and dad would have been picking them up at the police station all pissed off, they would have been double grounded, and that poor cop would be eating breakfast and laughing about it. I also feel a lot of compassion for Hollinghurst's mother, who has to see such a hurtful and private and devastating thing become a matter of public record.