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Music Choices when You Need a Boost

Music can help us out when we need it the most - what’s your jam right now?

This is mine right now:

I’ve never seen the Wiz but I came to the song from watching the Spike Lee documentary about Michael Jackson’s life up to and about the recording of Off the Wall (which is also my on my playlist right now, along with Thriller - those are some awesome albums). Is the Wiz any good?


I’m going for more upbeat “You can do it!” songs than what I like to call “Floor Crying songs” EXCEPT for Florence and the Machine - when I feel down she speaks to my soul.

Florence is definitely floor crying material. However, at this point, Ease on Down the Road ALSO makes me floor cry because DAMN IT I’M GOING TO MAKE IT!

What’s your jam?


Anecdote: I have a large tattoo on my forearm - I had been wanting it for years but was too chicken because OMG tattoos. I remember at the time my artist mentioning that after a while, you forget it’s even there because it becomes a part of your body, and she’s totally right. The thing is: the tattoo is a stanza of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”* as I reminder to myself that I have a good way of, well, rising up when shit gets real (it’s been like that my whole life). I’m going to give myself the gift of another tattoo I’ve been wanting for awhile and I just emailed by artist to make an appointment (an ode to my job as a Physics Teacher - a goal I worked toward since I was 18 and achieved a few years ago).


*I’ve realized in recent years as I educate myself on being a good ally that a white woman tattooing the words of an oppressed woman from her poem about an oppressed people is less than appropriate. I got it when I was less informed and more ignorant (GT and the Salad Bowl have been instrumental in educating me). I don’t flash the tattoo much even though its super visible. I remind myself that I got it for myself, but I do let people read it when they ask (especially students) and I explain the above (the inappropriateness) and point them towards Maya Angelou’s work.

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