I was not sure what my next music post would be. I thought what would the patron saint of djs do, Casey Kasem. So I thought well check the birthdays.

Well lets say I owe Mr Kasem one. I found today’s birthday is a singer called Voltaire. Who? You ask. Isn’t he a dead French writer? Well yes and no. He is a singer who belongs to a genre I never heard of. That genre is Dark Cabaret. Which is inspired from the dark decadence and risqueness of the Weimer Cabaret pre Nazi Germany. I assume you all saw the musical and at least the movie Cabaret.

I would bet many have seen the show Billy And Mandy Voltaire did two songs for them most famous is Brains. A so so song in my opinion. Fun though.

So I thought there has to be better songs. Well I found a singer Jill Tracy one video was slightly nsfw so I found this. The Fine Art of Poisoning. Weird video and subject matter.

This is Brains from Billy And Mandy.

Here is another Jill Tracy video which really showcases her voice. The video of the other song is better but this song is better. Its called Pulling Your Insides Out.

Info on Dark Cabaret. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_caba…

I have no clue what the next music post will be. Anyone like these posts?