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Music Poll Favorite July 4th song

Unlike Christmas these songs get on my nerve faster thank god radio stations and stores do not crush us with Juky 4th music like Christmas music. Althoug there are far, far fewer songs. I bet if it was profitable there would be lots more.

My favorite and there are not many I like.

Fav is Yankee Doodle Dandy sung by James Cagney written by George Cohen because its fun and silly. Although it was used as a propoganda song for both World Wars to increase recruitment.

BTW what do you make of the fashion? He is way too formal and those hats the women are wearing looks like they are about to slide off. Yes I know they are clipped onto the hair.


Second song in some ways far better and what Trump and his minions forget. A great version of this Woody Guthrie song with Pete Seeger, Judy Collins (I saw her in concert once for a later post), Arlo Guthrie (Woody’s son) and Fred Hellerman who I am not familiar with. Woody Guthrie has an introduction to the song which all should remember and hear this July 4th. The song is This Land Is Your Land.


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