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Music post: The NOT innuendo version

A few days ago EisenBolen posted about songs where the lyrics aren’t explicitly about sex, but they’re totally about sex. We got some great innuendo. This time . . . vice versa. What songs do you like that use words or images or references that you’d totally expect to be sexual innuendo, songs that you expect to be about sex, but on a closer listen they’re really really not? As much as I love some good innuendo, the effect of playing it straight when innuendo is expected can be just delightful.

A few of mine:

The Presidents of the United States of America are great for this. It was pretty much their shtick. There’s “Peaches” of course . . . the second most innuendo-laden fruit after cherries. But when they sing about “moving to the country / gonna eat a lot of peaches”, the song is literally about eating all the peaches.



Similarly, “Body”. “I can’t get you body out of my mind”. . . about finding the bodies of dead neglected pets . . .



And for one not by the Presidents: “Take Your Mama” from the Scissor Sisters. Yes, really, take your mom out on the town for a great night of fun. Not your *ahem* “mama” (because you’ve just had a nasty breakup and you’re so so single).



Bonus: This love song to Freddie Mercury’s cat is a lot less dirty when you realize it’s literally about a cat.



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