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I am stuck at home because I am still getting over a cold, and rather than working on my CalTPA (school stuff), I am listening to music and reminiscing about my past like an old person.

Share songs that evoke a very specific time in your life.

This is “Waltz #2", by Elliot Smith. Reminds me of living in Portland, walking on bridges, and trying not to be in love with someone who both didn’t love me back and lived a state away. I got over it, you guys.

This is “Holland, 1945" by Neutral Milk Hotel. Reminds me of meeting my best friend, who introduced me to them.

This is “Grey Ice Water”, by Modest Mouse. Reminds me of working in Alaska. Yes, a song about working in Alaska reminds me about working in Alaska. I am a very literal person, okay?

“Ping Pong Affair” by the Slits. This reminds me of living in a crappy apartment behind a mortuary in San Jose, around the time of my first breakup.

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