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Music Singles or Songs You Bought And Said "huh why did I buy this"

Back in the 80s and 90s you could buy cd singles. They were a variation of old 45s. A cd single consisted of two to three songs. All on one side. A 45 had two songs one on each side.

I was going through my old singles I bought. Oddly more in 90s then 80s. I came across this one. Its Pam Tillis (no clue how popular she was or is) its the song Cleopatra Queen of Denial. Its actually fairly funny about a woman who knows her boyfriend is a useless lazy do nothing but denies it, big time. Its obviously played to be humorous.

I have no clue why I ever bought it, I dislike this genre a lot, ok some 90s songs of this genre were not bad, I even enjoyed Trisha Yearwood’s Greatest Hits which had How Do I Live, a great song regardless of genre.. I think this singke was an ultimate impulse buy.


Anyone heard of her?

Anyone bought songs or cds they later say why did I buy this.

I never heard Queen of Denial prior to buying it. I swear the sing title must have been deciding factor. Yes ultimate impulse buy.

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