Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Music theme of the week

This week’s theme is ‘strong female vocals’! Not every great singer is a Beyonce but this week is a celebration of songs by or featuring female groups/artists that have impactful vocals. Please try to check each other’s songs and chat about whether you’re into them :)

Music theme of the week rules:
1. You should share a link to somewhere we can listen to the track, but it doesn’t have to have a video
2. Tell us about your choices! You should explain why you like them/the context of you sharing them

Otherwise, as long as there is some relation to the theme, anything goes! You can share as many or few songs as you like, any genre (though if the theme is a genre, try to make it related), any language, and I don’t care whether it’s high-brow or absolute trashy pop. The songs can be current or from decades ago, it’s fine if they’re all from the same artist too. I note the concern last week about music choices being known by most already or being uncool - it’s fine! We don’t discriminate here and we all have different taste. It also doesn’t matter if the reason you love it is because it’s trash or the lyrics amuse you, there’s nothing wrong with liking any kind of music.


I’ll start with my choices:

Ailee - I Will Show You. I love this song! It’s catchy and Ailee really gets to show off her vocals here. I am less convinced by the video... if someone can tell me why she ends up with him in the end, both me and all the youtube commenters would like to know!

Spica - You Don’t Love Me. Spica are one of the few kpop groups who can REALLY sing, even their weakest singers would be the strongest in most other groups. Sadly talent does not equal popularity and they are currently defunct. I had the pleasure of seeing them live and their vocals were so powerful that I had tears in my eyes. This song is awesome, it’s fun and the video is a parody of sexy kpop videos, check out the butt pads. Spica are great.

Ain’t Nobody - HA:TFELT. She was a member of the Wonder Girls and her solo stuff was not popular in Korea but pretty popular with international fans. She’s probably the weakest singer I’ve posted but damn can her voice make me feel things.


Your turn! Share your favourite songs that fit the theme.

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