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Welcome To The Bitchery

Music theme of the week

This week’s theme is ‘covers’! If there’s a cover of a song you enjoy, please share it here. Note that the cover does not have to be as good as the original! You just have to like it. It could be in the same style as the original or a completely new take on it. Please try to check each other’s songs and chat about whether you’re into them :)

Music theme of the week rules:
1. You should share a link to somewhere we can listen to the track, but it doesn’t have to have a video
2. Tell us about your choices! You should explain why you like them/the context of you sharing them

Otherwise, as long as there is some relation to the theme, anything goes! You can share as many or few songs as you like, any genre (though if the theme is a genre, try to make it related), any language, and I don’t care whether it’s high-brow or absolute trashy pop. The songs can be current or from decades ago, it’s fine if they’re all from the same artist too. It doesn’t even matter if the reason you love it is because it’s trash and the lyrics amuse you!

I’ll start with my choices (so much metal, sorry!):

This Guy’s in Love with You - Faith No More. They do such good covers! I thought about posting Easy but figured a lot more people would have heard that cover than this one, and this one is my favourite anyway. So gorgeous and Mike Patton’s voice is wonderful.

Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson. I actually think he does pretty good covers, I liked Personal Jesus and Sweet Dreams too and This is Halloween. I picked this one because it reminds me of being a teenage goth, lol.

Enjoy the Silence - Lacuna Coil. I had to include a cover of my favourite band since they are often covered, and this is my favourite. They capture the essence here while still putting their own spin and sound on the song, and her voice is beautiful.

Eleanor Rigby - Godhead. I love the singer’s voice in this, and it’s a simple but effective metal cover. Not too heavy, and nice to see the older classics given new life.

Blue Monday - Orgy. Honestly one of the few covers I prefer to the original song.


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