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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Music Theme of the Week

Well. Perhaps I shouldn’t say ‘of the week’, because I think it’s quite obvious I just don’t have the energy to keep these going at the moment, I’m kinda burnt out. But I’m keeping the title so that these posts can be found, when I do have the energy to make them.

Limited rules this time, because the theme is ‘what songs have you fallen in love with recently’?


They don’t need to be new, they don’t even need to be new to you. Just what you’ve been loving lately. All languages and genres welcome!

Music theme of the week rules:
1. You should share a link to somewhere we can listen to the track, but it doesn’t have to have a video
2. Tell us about your choices! You should explain why you like them/the context of you sharing them


Mine this week (if you’re only going to try one, try the first one!):

Here Come The Regrets - Epik High feat. Lee Hi (English)

This song... haunts me. I don’t even know why it makes me so emotional? I guess it’s the whole feeling of the song and Lee Hi’s soulful voice. It really affects me for some reason. This album came out a few weeks ago and it’s excellent - on spotify if you like this track (‘We’ve done something wonderful’)


Happy Ending - Primary feat. Jinsil & Gary (Korean, lyrics in video if you want)

This song is really chill, and the reason I love it so much is because I’m obsessed with Jinsil’s voice. She is made for soulful singing, I’ll listen to anything she’s in. I like Gary as well, they fit well together, and Primary is one of my favourite producers. Great track.


Love you to Death - Taeyang (Korean, lyrics in video if you want)

I’ll be honest - this is just a great pop song and I’ve been singing it in the shower for years since it came out so I wanted to share it :) I really like his voice and this was a good album.


Please share yours because you best believe I will listen (and no I don’t only listen to Korean songs, I’m just... having a moment)

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