Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Music theme of the week: an intro

This is a new user-contribution led series I thought might be nice for those of us who love sharing music. The idea is to pick a theme and share songs we enjoy on this theme. Please check songs others posted and talk to them about them as well as sharing your own, I’m hoping people will get conversations going :) I have some theme ideas but would always welcome ideas from others too! Hopefully it will be a nice place for us to share music we like and find new things to enjoy from each other. I intend to try and make these posts on Sundays.

Rules: As long as there is some relation to the theme, anything goes! You should post a listening link from somewhere but it doesn’t need to include a music video. You can share as many or few songs as you like, any genre (though if the theme is a genre, try to make it related), any language, and I don’t care whether it’s high-brow or absolute trashy pop. It doesn’t matter if these songs are current or from decades ago. It doesn’t matter if the songs are all from the same artist. It doesn’t even matter if the reason you love it is because it’s trash and the lyrics amuse you! But I will ask that you write a short text explaining the context of you sharing. Is it a group/artist you love or is it entirely new to you? Why do you like it?


This week as it’s just the first post, the theme is ‘songs you are obsessed with at the moment’. Just share what you’re currently in love with :)

I’ll start with some of mine!

Fire Water by Code Kunst feat. G.Soul & Tablo. This song is so chill! I love the music, G.Soul’s smooth R&B vocals and Tablo’s rapping always gets me. This is my collab of the moment for sure.

Where’s The Revolution by Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode have been my favourite band all my life and they’re still going and making music I love. This song is low key but I love the chorus and I’ll never not love Dave Gahan’s voice. Can’t wait to see them live again!

Wanli by Hyukoh. The instrumental is a take on ‘Love will tear us apart’ and it fits beautifully with Oh Hyuk’s gorgeous vocals. I love the anthemic sound at the chorus. It’s so simple but it’s probably my favourite song so far this year!

Get It - Younha feat. HATFELT and Cheetah. I make no apologies for loving this! It’s fun, it’s catchy pop and it features artists I like. It didn’t do half as well as it deserved because they’re not a girl group, but I love the attitude and I wish I could pull off Cheetah’s hair.



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