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Hey. I’m Martha. A lot of Y’all been knowing bout me, but officially Hello.

I didn’t know what my inaugral post would be, but since the day has been trying especially in light of this, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things. Music Videos. I love love love music videos. And an artist that does great visuals, but gets overlooked is Ciara.

This is actually one of my favorites from her.

Go Girl

This video was directed by Melina M, who is Beyonce’s go to these days. I think the styling is on point. I love that it has this anime/comic book vibe to it while being afro futurist.


Love Sex Magic

Maybe no one remembers, but when this video came out, it was a lot of drama. People were like it’s too sexual which is really funny, considering it’s very pre Partition in a lot of ways. Also congrats to Justin Timberlake who manages to look very bored at the fact that Ciara is grinding on top of him. I’m sure he is litterally the only straight man in the world who achieve that. Also the Million me’s sequence is to die for.

Like A Boy

Obviously, considering it has one of the most iconic dance sequences of all time.


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