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Welcome To The Bitchery

Music we listened to as a teenager we still listen to.

Fun post time! Lets take a walk down nostalgia road. What music that you listened to as a teenager yoy can you just NOT let go of? You may not even listen to it if you came across it now, but it's a part of your youth. I have quite a few.

Alkaline Trio is a big one. I started listening to them when they were a band called Tuesday ( it only had one of the singers). Me and my high school boyfriend bonded over the Tuesday CD. He went away for awhile and left me with a copy of the CD and told me to listen to the song disappear and think about him (with the lyrics "don't you forget about me").


Still up to about a year ago I'd go see them when they came to town.

This song... oh god this song. I still sing it out of nowhere some times. I love it.

Then there was Tilt. I was never into the riot grrrl scene so much. I was into the punk and ska. Tilt was pretty much my go to girl aggression band. I still have this song on my ipod.

I still listen to Kerplunk.

The Specials

aaaand there are many others, but I want to hear some of yours.

ETA: I know this is a lot of punk/pop type stuff, but I loved alllll sorts of different genres of music I grew up with in the 80s and 90s.

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