Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Musical OT

Tell me about songs that remind you of your childhood/your parents/siblings.

That new Beth Ditto song got me thinking of this old Pointer Sisters song my mom used to listen to while she cleaned:

She also used to have a Loggins & Messina tape she’d listen to when she was driving. Windows down, hair blowing, we’d sing “Danny’s Song” at the top of our voices down the gravel road behind our house:

I definitely think of my dad when I hear CCR; that’s what he’d blast in the Jeep. He loved (and still loves) “Fortunate Son”:

But Dad has a sweet side, too—that comes out when he listens to stuff like Pure Prairie League’s “Amie.” I remember waking up Saturday mornings to him singing along to this one:

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